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D.E.E.CO. Services

» Diesel Truck And Trailer Repair
» Welding / Fabrication
» D.O.T. Inspections
» Smoke Opacity Testing
» Equipment Repair
» E.P.A. Diesel Retrofit Installations
» Diesel Pick-Up Trucks High Performance Modifications
» Motor Home and RV repair
» 24 Hour Emergency Road Service
diesel truck and trailer repar work

  Diesel Truck And Trailer Repair

diesel truck with trailer Complete repair on your:

  • Truck and trailer combinations
  • Roll off boxes
  • Transfer units
  • End dump
  • Dump beds
  • Walking floor
  • Van
  • Reefer
  • Flatbed or dolly units
  • Emergency Vehicle Repair


welderHeavy loads cause stress cracking on frames, suspension and boxes. D.E.E.CO. has certified welders that can repairr cracks or custom build components to get you back on the road. We also offer flame spray and hard surfacing repair for your equipment needs. Custom fabrication also available.

 D.O.T. Inspections

DOT inspectionsD.E.E.CO. provides safety inspections on all regulated and non-regulated motor vehicles and equipment. We follow strict requirements that meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (title 49 CFR) and California Code of Regulations (title 13 CFR). We offer annual inspection with sticker and report and 90 day inspection with report. Let us assist you in meeting your D.O.T. requirements.

DOT inspectionsDOT inspections

 Smoke Opacity Testing

smoke opacity testing proceduresmoke opacity testing equipmentD.E.E.CO. offers smoke opacity testing that meets current regulations under the Heavy Duty Vehicle Inspection Program (HDVIP) and the Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP). Our equipment used for testing Meets SAE J1667 requirements.


 Equipment Repair

D.E.E.CO. offers repair service for off highway and stationary equipment. Custom welding and fabrication available.

  • Forklifts
  • Loaders
  • Skid mounted engines
  • Pumps
  • Hydraulic units
  • Welders
  • Generators
heavy equipment repair

 E.P.A. Diesel Retrofit Installations

E.P.A. dieel retrofit installationsBecause of the new EPA emission standards that will be in effect as of June 2007 for all heavy duty diesel engines on the road today, D.E.E.CO. is offering Diesel RetroFit Kits to help our customers meet these new standards. Currently there is a Volunteer Program that provides grant money through the EPA to help offset some of the conversion cost.


 Diesel Pick-Up Trucks High Performance Modifications

diesel pick-up trucks high performance modificationsDiesel pick up high performance products and service are also available to upgrade your horsepower, mileage or give you the best towing capability with an increase of power and fuel efficiency. You can do this in small steps or go all the way.
BD turbochargersBD 6OL Exhaust BrakeLightning Juice Platinum 6.OL

 Motor home and RV repair

  • Complete Oil Change Service
  • Engine/Transmission
  • Suspension/Rear End
  • Heating/Air Conditioning
  • Air Brake Systems




 24 Hour Emergency Road Services

emergency road service, Ridgecrest, CAIn the unfortunate event that you have a breakdown on the road, D.E.E.CO. offers emergency road service to assist you in getting back up and running and limiting your down time. Our service truck is equipped with a welder, air compressor, air tools and hand tools.


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